About Darn Bear Software

At Darn Bear, we believe that forging strong customer relationships builds successful companies. We build our customer relationships by providing innovative solutions, superior market expertise and constant attention to detail.

And for over 30 years, Darn Bear Software has built custom software solutions to manage the purchase, sales and transporting of crude and other petroleum liquids. We are software developers and also oil and gas professionals. We focus on a very defined and specific part of the industry. This commitment, dedication and focus has enabled us to provide our clients solutions and tools which optimize and streamline their work flow, contributing to our customer’s success and profitability. A significant percentage of our clients have depended on us and our software solutions for over a decade. The long lasting relationships we have with our clients is a testament to our professionalism, innovation, trust and industry knowledge. When Darn Bear provides your company with a software solution, we commit to a long term relationship with your organization. 

Our Team

Jon Levin
Amy Levin
Martin Lopez
Software Developer