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General Ledger Interface

The General Ledger Interface is a customizable process designed to export batches of Claws transactions to your company’s general ledger. The default interface process works with several general ledger systems including GP Dynamics, QuickBooks and WolfePak Accounting. Additional interfaces can be customized for almost any general ledger.

The general ledger interface produces both accounts payable and accounts receivable transaction batches that can contain the following items:

  • Cost of Goods Sold (product purchases)
  • Severance Tax Expense deductions
  • General lease and joint interest billing expense deductions
  • Payments to taxing authorities – the system calculates tax payments to taxing authorities and posts the amounts to general ledger as open A/P items
  • Investor payments
  • Driver payroll data
  • Changes to investor suspense accounts – the system relieves the general ledger suspense account for production from an earlier period being paid in the current period. Unpaid items from the current period are added to suspense.
  • Other accounts payable items
  • Claws invoices

The system preserves export batches indefinitely. Users can review these completed transfers on-screen at any time.

Both historical and current batches can be filtered on-screen using over a dozen data points, allowing the user to examine specific details of each batch. The user can save either a set of filtered transactions or an entire export batch to Excel spreadsheets.