Claws is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that performs detailed back office data processing and management for oil and gas purchasers, traders and transporters.

Advantages of Claws include: 

  • State of the art firewall and breach detection systems
  • Automated, secure data backups and disaster recovery
  • Everything you need is available for a flat monthly fee
  • Networks are monitored 24-7


  • Licensed on an annual/per seat basis
  • Accessed directly from your desktop
  • Manages product pricing for purchases and sales of oil and gas products
  • Track multiple business units within your organization
  • Stores master information for trading points, counterparties and commodities
  • Assign pricing to operators and leases used for calculating purchases and sales
  • Use custom tax groups to calculate severance and withholding taxes
  • Division Order Maintenance tracks lease ownership percentages used to pay investors and tracks investor suspense
  • Explorer Dashboard gives users a screen for quickly reviewing and managing run ticket volumes, values and other critical information 
  • E-ticket Interface, a customizable interface, imports run tickets from third party ticketing sources
  • OILDEX Interface imports and exports run tickets via CODE and CDEX formatted files
  • Run Ticket Spreadsheet Interface imports run tickets from spreadsheets via a customizable interface
  • Run Ticket Processing and Ticket Pricing calculates run ticket volumes, values, taxes and expenses
  • Produces operator statements for both oil and gas production
  • Ticket Allocation produces multi-tiered product allocations from tank batteries
  • Revenue Allocation and Payment Processing calculates lease investor payments, produces checks and generates reports
  • Reports severance tax to states
  • Integrates with your company general ledger
  • 1099 Reporting produces investor 1099-MISC statements plus electronic filings to the IRS and individual states