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Claws contains a wealth of reporting. All reports can be customized filtered to allow the user to include all information since Claws inception, or as little as a single operator or ticket.

All reports can be saved as Excel files and most reports can also be saved or emailed in a PDF file format.

The following list is a sample of the available reports:

Run Ticket Management

  • Run Ticket Edit Report
  • Daily Ticket Report by Operator
  • Cost of Crude Oil
  • Ticket Report by Destination
  • Ticket Activity Summary
  • Operator Production Summary
  • Ticket Pricing Report by Destination
  • CTB Allocation Report
  • Preliminary Run Statements
  • Finalized Run Statements

Contracts and Pricing

  • Contract Listing
  • Contract Pricing Report
  • Daily Price Postings

Severance Tax Reporting

  • Preliminary Tax Report by State
  • Tax Filing by State
  • Severance Tax Error Report


  • Detailed Pricing Report
  • Summary Pricing Report
  • Finalized Pricing Report
  • Pricing Error Report

Revenue Allocation and Pricing

  • Revenue Allocation Detail Report
  • Revenue Allocation Summary Report
  • Preliminary Allocation Report
  • Payment Report
  • Payment Detail Report
  • Non-Resident Withholding Report

Division Order Reports

  • Division Order Listings by Date
  • Division Order Print
  • Escheat Report
  • Suspense Reports
  • Suspense Settlement Report

Miscellaneous Reports

  • General Ledger Export Summary Report
  • General Ledger Export Detail Report
  • Gross Profit by Lease
  • Period Reconciliation Report