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Run Ticket Pricing

Pricing in Claws is performed on tickets. Tickets are classed as either purchases or sales and can price crude oil, gas or plant products. Pricing can be based on product volume (GAL/BBL/MCF/MCM/LB), energy equivalent (MMBTU/GJ/DTH), mileage, time or specific services performed.

All pricing is performed on the Ticket Pricing and Review window. Users retrieve tickets from a range of production months, then price them all at once or break the tickets down into smaller groups for processing.

Ticket pricing uses contracts to determine the total purchase or sale value of a ticket. Pricing uses the ticket trading partner, lease and production date in order to search the contract system for the correct set of price components.

Tickets can be re-priced as often as the user requires until pricing for a ticket is finalized.  Tickets displayed on the pricing screen are color-coded according to status. A red row indicates a pricing error, green indicates a ticket where the pricing has been successfully calculated and blue  indicates a new ticket that has never been priced. Tickets displayed in black have been finalized.

A finalized ticket that has not been paid out can be recovered, modified and re-finalized. Once a ticket has been paid, the user must reverse and rebook the ticket in order to change the volume, pricing or distribution of funds.