Claws manages your back-office workflow…

…producing tickets corresponding to buy and sell trades. Claws tracks back to back purchases and sales so that users can trace the history of a trade deal.


  1. 1
    Run Ticket Management

    Claws manages purchases, sales and internal product movements. Tickets can be uploaded into the system from spreadsheets, Oildex CODE files and multiple third party e-ticketing systems.  Claws can calculate gross and net ticket volumes for gauged, metered, raw volume and weight tickets. Learn More

  2. 2
    Contracts and Pricing

    Claws contracts supports pricing for both purchases and sales. Each contract contains one or more pricing scenarios which contain both pricing and a list of trading points to which the pricing will be applied. Contract and pricing history is retained for the life of the system. Learn More

  3. 3
    Run Ticket Pricing

    Ticket Pricing uses contract information to generate the value of purchases and sales using a batch processing window that can calculate a single ticket or all tickets for the month. Learn More

  4. 4
    Purchase Statements and Invoices

    Claws produces both purchase statements and invoices for all product buys and sells. Statements and invoices are sent to the company’s general ledger system in order to maintain the accounts payable and accounts receivable sub-ledgers.

  5. 5
    Payment Processing

    Claws can write checks for purchases or forward information to general ledger as open accounts payable items to be paid by the G/L. Learn More

  6. 6

    The system produces comprehensive reporting for ticketing, pricing, revenue allocations, owner payments and all other aspects of the system. Learn More

  7. 7
    General Ledger Interface

    The General Ledger Interface is a customizable process designed to export batches of Claws transactions to your company’s general ledger. Claws can interface with virtually any general ledger. Learn More

  8. 8
    1099 Reporting

    The 1099 Reporting system produces 1099-Misc statements for owners and investors. Claws creates an electronic file for upload to the IRS F.I.R.E. program and produces 1099-MISC electronic filings for several states. Learn More