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Transportation System

Claws Transportation is used to create transportation invoices and to calculate driver payroll. The system tracks detailed information on transporters, drivers, vehicles, and trailers. It uses the Claws contract system to price transportation deals for invoicing and driver pay contracts to calculate driver payroll.

The transportation system tracks product movements by ticket. The tickets are used for both invoicing and driver payroll. Tickets can be downloaded from third party e-ticketing systems, imported from spreadsheets or entered manually by users.

The system can create transportation invoices based on any of the following types of pricing:

  • Per unit charges based on a mileage range
  • Split loads
  • Minimum loads
  • Rejected loads
  • Demurrage
  • Misc expenses and supplementary payments

Employees and independent contractors are often on different pay schedules. The system manages separate pay schedules for the two groups.

To process payroll, the user creates one or more pay contracts matching drivers to payroll rates. A pay contract can use any of the following types of pay or expense calculations:

  • Rates by volume based on mileage
  • Sliding pay scales based on driver experience
  • Demurrage
  • Split loads
  • Minimum loads
  • Rejected loads
  • Time spent in safety meetings and training
  • Per diem payments
  • Out of route payments
  • Extra time payments
  • Misc payments and deductions
  • Deduct independent contractor expenses
    • Repeating payments such as truck leases and insurance
    • Monthly expenses such as gasoline and tolls
    • Create payment plan for repairs

The system produces multiple payment reports that can be exported to spreadsheets. Payroll data can be exported to general ledger or an outside payroll service.

The system also tracks tickets for relief drivers and supplemental drivers in order to include these tickets when calculating payments to independent contractors.