Claws offers several vital tasks for transporters….

The transportation module produces transportation invoices for payment by customers. It also calculates driver payroll for both employee and contract personnel.


  1. 1
    Run Ticket Management

    Claws manages purchases, sales and internal product movements. Tickets can be uploaded into the system from spreadsheets, Oildex CODE files and multiple third party e-ticketing systems.  Claws can calculate gross and net ticket volumes for gauged, metered, raw volume and weight tickets. Learn More

  2. 2
    Contracts and Pricing

    Claws transportation contracts support a wide range of pricing choices. Each contract contains one or more pricing scenarios which contain both pricing and a list of trading points to which the pricing will be applied. Contract and pricing history is retained for the life of the system. Learn More

  3. 3
    Run Ticket Pricing

    Ticket Pricing uses contract information to generate the value of purchases and sales using a batch processing window that can calculate a single ticket or all tickets for the month. Learn More

  4. 4

    Claws produces invoices for all transportation charges.

  5. 5

    The system produces comprehensive reporting for ticketing, pricing, revenue allocations, owner payments and all other aspects of the system. Learn More

  6. 6
    General Ledger Interface

    The General Ledger Interface is a customizable process designed to export both invoices and driver pay transactions to the company’s general ledger. Learn More